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Vondelpark… she has fond memories of you. You, who also knows her dark side.
For years she traversed you walking, cycling, skating, running… on the way to the murmur and driving energy of this enterprising city. On the way to Paradiso, where she was allowed to perform several times. Where she went to concerts that inspired her and after which she returned home with a smile from ear to ear after enjoying your leaves. Or if she had to recharge, then she would be under your trees or on the terrace. Often alone, or with loved ones, friends, acquaintances or business customers. But also once with her dear grandmother. She remembers that well. She has fond memories of you, sitting, hanging, running, skating, drinking coffee and tea. And yes, sometimes peed wildly… She was there in all seasons of the year. Where once her parents kissed each other. She was allowed to sing and play in your open air theater on a beautiful, sunny day. She was allowed to cry in your arms when she felt the need.

Everything is already there

It feels surreal that people have put a “STAY INSIDE” sign at one of your gates. How did it get this far? She no longer feels welcome in your arms, even if the weather is bright and your geese have new chicks. The geese, storks, green city parakeets, crows, sparrows, coots and all other living interplay of animals and trees do not have an opinion about this virus at all. The people on the other hand … there is an enormous unrest mixed with the urge for freedom in the air. Let this be the eve of a new chapter, a beautiful new story. A story in which people will freely enjoy your beautiful energy, your beautiful nooks and crannies. So that people will no longer have an opinion about everything and dare to live in abundance, freedom and live heaven on earth. So that people can find themselves again. Their own parks in their own hearts. Everything is already there, they just have to see it.

“The Vondelpark is an elongated city park in Amsterdam, dating from 1865. The park is located in the Amsterdam South district, on the border with the Amsterdam West district. It extends from the Stadhouderskade to the Amstelveenseweg. When it opened in 1865, the park was called the Nieuwe Park, popularly called Wandelpark. After the unveiling in October 1867 of the Vondel Monument, a statue in honor of the poet and playwright Joost van den Vondel, the name was changed to Vondelpark. The park has been a national monument since 1996. ”

With my sweet grandmother in het Vondelpark